6 Living Room Color Trends for 2023

living room
Photo by jafara from Shutterstock

1. Rich Neutrals

“Soft shades, rich brown hues, and greenish-grey details all create a soothing and sophisticated space, and I think there will be a rise in these deeper neutral colors in 2023,” said Knut Bendik Humlevik, designer and creative director at New Works.

The Danish brand’s ethos is built on tactile texture, restrained color palettes, and natural materials, and this can be seen in their designs and the settings they create. According to Humlevik, this trio is the height of the current living room trend.

“These colors provide the ideal frame for artisanal pieces, making you dwell on qualities and details. When you combine rich neutrals with textured textiles, it creates a warm, cozy space,” he added.

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