5 Tips to Clean Your Washing Machine Like a Pro

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5. Citric acid- the best limescale remover

In our previous articles, we stressed a lot about kitchen natural cleaners, and one of them was, of course, baking soda. This is widely known as one of the best cleaners, and it is also budget-friendly, so everybody should have it in their pantry. But did you know that besides baking soda Vitamin C is also a pretty neat natural cleaner? If you live in a place with hard water, then you probably noticed that most of the manufacturers strongly recommend using protection when washing your clothes. And citric acid can be very good at removing limescale, rust, or detergent buildup.

How to use it: 200 grams of vitamin C powder and 100 grams of citric acid powder should be dissolved in a pan of boiling water before turning off the heat. Pour some of the warm solution into the tray after adding a little to the drum of your machine. As an alternative, blend the above-mentioned mixture with hot water from your kettle or the hot water faucet. Start the washer on a hot cycle without any laundry in it.

Be careful because citric acid shouldn’t be used directly on plastic washing machine trays since it could harm the material!

Bottom line:

Cleaning your washing machine when it’s pretty dirty might be a serious pain in the neck. And because you don’t want to end up in that unfortunate situation, consider introducing these simple techniques into your routine rather than waiting until your washing machine starts to smell a little nasty before you start cleaning.

In between cycles, always leave the door and the dispenser drawer open because, by doing this, you will prevent the mold from growing. After every two or three cycles, make sure you clean the seals (depending on how often you wash your laundry, I usually run 4 or 5 cycles per week because we’re a big family). Don’t leave all the soaking wet clothes in your washing machine, transfer them directly to the dryer. And after that, wipe the interior with a dry cloth.

After taking care of the interior of the appliance, don’t neglect the exterior because a brisk regular wipe is much easier compared to thorough monthly cleaning.

How often do you clean your washing machine? Tell us in the comments. 

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