Ultrasonic Humidifier – How it Works

Ultrasonic Humidifier

How does an ultrasonic humidifier work? Ultrasonic humidifiers work by vibrating a small ceramic diaphragm at an ultrasonic frequency to create small water droplets in the form of a cool mist.

Through maintaining a proper level of moisture in your home’s indoor air, you can be assured that your environment is comfortable while eliminating issues including scratchy throats, coughs, and dry skin

However, in many climates, it is necessary to install humidifiers to achieve this. Doing this may also help promote the overall well-being of your family and reduce your energy bills as you may set the thermostat back and feel warm at the same time.

In addition to that, humidifiers help protect wood floors, plant life, paint, wallpaper, and furniture, which can help you preserve your prized interior belongings.

Evaporative cool mist humidifier relies on fans to blow air through wick filters.

Such ultrasonic sounds are inaudible to people, yet they are capable of powerful things including dislodging dirt from the surfaces.

Moreover, they may break water particles from the built-in reservoir of humidifier aside into cool vapor.

Then, the device will emit a fine mist to the air, which will distribute humidity throughout your room.

See in the video below an ultrasonic humidifier in action:

Advantages of Ultrasonic Humidifiers

There are some reasons why you should consider getting an ultrasonic humidifier. As such models do not depend on fans, they are the most silent humidifiers around.

In addition to that, they are low maintenance in comparison with some models that may demand frequent bulb changing, pan cleaning, and replacement of the steam canisters.

Also, since ultrasonic humidifiers do not use heat, they need minimal electricity. It’s perhaps one of the primary benefits of ultrasonic humidifiers since it may result in savings on bills.

An ultrasonic humidifier is portable and can be turned off and on instantly. There is no waiting time for heating elements to boil water since mist is produced by oscillation.

Considering the small size of them, they can produce impressive vapor amount. They are also a perfect option to keep the proper level of moisture in smaller rooms.

What Makes Ultrasonic Humidifiers Effective

What makes ultrasonic humidifiers effective is due to its technical advantages and overall performance.

Ultrasonic humidifiers are made to last longer compared to the current season where several humidifiers aren’t equipped with proper technology as well as parts to do so.

They may also offer you years of purified and healthy air. Its unique technology and design ensure that it’s tested for maximum results. That is why ultrasonic humidifiers are easy to operate and assemble.

There are a few parts that require to be put together, which also means less work consumers have to put in to get the unit started.

How Ultrasonic Humidifiers Work Different from Other Types of Humidifiers

Each humidifier has its own exceptional way of expanding levels of moisture in a given room or space.

So, how ultrasonic humidifiers differ in areas of safety, maintenance, energy efficiency, and sound? Below are the things you should know:


Even if ultrasonic humidifiers do need occasional cleaning, they don’t need as much attention as evaporation humidifiers.

These are highly recommended to dry and clean humidifiers once not in use. If you did not do this properly, it can result in bacteria and mold growth.

In contrast, to evaporate humidifiers, there isn’t a filter that should be replaced. Ultrasonic humidifiers don’t use filters to function, yet instead utilizes demineralization cartridge, so you won’t need to spend extra money on the replacement filters.

If you are using purified water with ultrasonic humidifiers, you won’t need to worry about contaminating the air.


Safety is another crucial aspect to consider when buying humidifiers. When compared to steam and warm mist humidifiers, ultrasonic humidifiers don’t need scorching hot water to boost humidity.

It makes the humidifiers ideal for houses with kids. You won’t need to fret about the risks like leaks or water burns that might injure your child seriously.

Even if ultrasonic humidifiers won’t cause skin burns, it’s recommended to leave in areas that are out of reach for kids.


If you consider sound or noise as a big factor, ultrasonic humidifiers would be a perfect unit for you. This has been named as one of the silent humidifiers in the market.

Since it does not have any fan, you don’t have to think of hearing some sounds once you are using the unit.

Plus, it does not have to boil water like warm mist humidifiers so you don’t need to hear water gurgling sounds.

Energy Efficiency

Ultrasonic humidifiers are a huge energy saver. In comparison to some kinds of humidifiers like steam and warm mist humidifiers, they do not need much electricity once in use.

In fact, these can save you more money since the same space warm mist humidifiers would use a lot of electricity, ultrasonic humidifiers may use up to ninety-three percent less electricity and energy.

If you factor in electrical maintenance like switchboards and wiring, you might be cutting off some extra expenses.

The Bottom Line

Most people don’t realize how essential it is to humidify the air in your house.

It might be due to the fact that there are numerous kinds of humidifiers and nobody knows how each has benefits that could tailor to particular needs.

If you’re looking for a humidifier that makes minimal noises, conserves energy, requires less maintenance, or safe around your kids, ultrasonic humidifiers may offer you that.

Although your primary goal is cutting down the cost of electricity, this appliance can be a great option for you.

Ultrasonic humidifiers are absolutely a good investment. What you have paid upfront can benefit you and let you enjoy savings at the same time.

However, just make sure to consider all the pros and cons of ultrasonic humidifiers before you make your purchase.

This would help you decide whether this type of humidifiers is the best choice for your needs or preferences.