Does A Dehumidifier Work In A Bathroom?

Does A Dehumidifier Work In A Bathroom

At 100 percent RH, the mirrors, walls, and windows will be coated in condensation, which causes the paint to peel and provide the most ideal habitat for mold to grow.

So, does a dehumidifier work in a bathroom? Simply put, a dehumidifier will work very well in a bathroom and it will clear the humidity and will leave both surfaces and air dry. Baths and hot showers cause the humidity in bathrooms to hit a hundred percent.

The humidity in the bathroom also diffuses throughout the home, which aggravates any damp or humidity issues.

What Kind of Dehumidifier is Ideal for Bathrooms?

More often than not, it can be hard to decide between a refrigerant or desiccant dehumidifier, yet in this case, it is not.

Refrigerant dehumidifiers are a must for bathrooms.

This does not mean that desiccant dehumidifiers will not work in bathrooms.

As a matter of fact, they work fine, yet refrigerant dehumidifiers are suited perfectly to strip humidity from hot and moist bathroom air.

To know why refrigerant dehumidifiers are a must for bathrooms, you need to fully understand how they really work.

The refrigerant dehumidifiers extract the water through cooling the metal coils so condensation forms on such coils. Then, this condensation forms into the water droplet and falls into a collection bucket of water.

The condensation amount that forms in the coils is basically proportional to the difference in temperature between the air and coils.

Therefore, when the air is warm, lots of condensation would form on cold coils.

The condensation amount that forms is proportional to humidity in the air, so humid bathrooms create the perfect environment for a refrigerant dehumidifier for extracting moisture.

In this kind of environment, a refrigerant dehumidifier is more energy efficient compared to desiccant dehumidifiers.

Things to Consider When Setting Up a Dehumidifier in Your Bathroom

If you are searching for ways to clean the air in your bathroom to get rid of germs and bacteria, setting up dehumidifiers is never a bad choice.

But, there are particular things that one must take for consideration before they set up a dehumidifier in a bathroom and these include the following:


It matters, particularly when you’re setting up a dehumidifier in your bathroom. Your unit must be compact, small, and portable. You may use this dehumidifier in other places where you need one.


Today, any equipment basically comes loaded with some features.

Others are fun to use and important. Before buying a dehumidifier, check the features or availability of such in your equipment.

Electric Consumption

It’s also an important aspect of any kinds of equipment that runs on electricity.

You would not want a burn in your own pocket due to having a small unit placed in your bathroom to get rid of humidity.

Other portable dehumidifiers don’t run on electricity, yet most of them do.

There are several dehumidifiers available in the market suited for you. Select the one that matches your budget and needs. You should not also forget to look at the features.

I recommend you to read this review for what I consider to be the best dehumidifier for bathrooms.