7 Things People Wish They Could Change About Their Homes

Photo by Ollyy From Shutterstock

If you could change one thing about your house what would it be? This is our all-time question, especially if we are living in an old house. It requires some changes for sure. I am not saying that you don’t love your home, but sometimes we think about doing things differently if given the opportunity. And it’s pretty fun to explore all the possibilities, especially if you have a nice imagination.

If I had a magic wand, I would transform my bathroom into a much bigger one, and I would move into a house with a big attic! That would be my dream place to spend my winter evenings.

But I would also think about a better isolation wall, you know, in case I am living in a place where winters are hard.

Imagine being a wizard for a day. Tell us what changes you would make.

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