10 Renovation Mistakes You Should Avoid

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7. Choosing contractors on a rush

You don’t want anyone to mess with your house. So, don’t make any hasty decisions regarding who you’re going to hire to make your plans a reality. Do your research and find someone with a good reputation that will understand and apply your vision.

Communicate promptly with them, make sure they understand your needs, and that they offer the best solutions to your problems.

8. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

When it comes to the person that has your home in their hands, it’s vital to communicate with them at every step. Ask as many questions as you want to, it’s your house after all. Ask about work process and progress, crew, budget estimates, and timelines.

It’s important to know all of the details. It’s even more important to hire someone that you can communicate with easily. That way this exhausting process will become even easier for you.

9. Not taking lighting into consideration

In the whole renovation process, there’s one detail that not a lot of people take into consideration: the lighting. You have to think through how much lighting you want in a room and how much you are going to install overall.

You also need to think about the atmosphere that you want. Preferably, you should use a combination that’s both friendly and welcoming into your home.

10. Skipping on window quality

High-quality windows are important. Getting windows with good thermal protection will keep your home comfortable throughout the season. Failing to get the good ones will have your utility bills increasing over time.

Have you had any renovations done in the past? Make sure to let us know of your experience, and let us know if we’ve missed any great tips in the comments section below!

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