6 Living Room Color Trends for 2023

living room
Photo by PR Image Factory from Shutterstock

If you want to know which living room color trends will be huge in 2023, read on! Unsurprisingly, after everything we’ve been through in the last two years, we now tend to lean toward invigorating and uplifting shades. Whether it’s grounding hues drawn from nature or a playful palette of candy colors, these shades will be quite popular in 2023.

Feeling freer — and less devoted to classic neutrals such as off-whites and greys — we expect people to be more drawn by warmer, cocooning colors such as coffee-tinged creams and deep browns, as well as terracotta tones and earthy reds.

Nature continues to be a constant source of inspiration for interior designs, though via richer, bolder hues. Meanwhile, well-being still remains a top priority, with greens of all shades replacing the neutrals and stronger blues providing a calming vibe in our living spaces.

Feeling inspired? Here are 6 predictions for the top 2023 living room colors!

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