10 Worst Decorating Mistakes You Could Possibly Make

Photo by Floral Deco from Shutterstock

Your shelves are bursting at the seams

By putting every ornament you own on the shelf, you’ll only create a distracting view of nondescript items. You’ll need to do some serious sorting. As Marie Kondo recommends, you need to honor the items, and then let them go. Adopt the motto: “Beautiful, interesting, or out.”

Empty your shelves and let them breathe, leaving only objects that are highlighting each other. Minimalist design will always put emphasis on “less is more”, and it’s a great reason for that. Once you’ve thrown out the unnecessary, let those items shine and be beautiful. And avoid using highly patterned or textured backgrounds, because they can confuse the eye.

We can’t sit on this next one for long…..

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