9 Home Decor Items You’ll Regret Buying

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Photo by AJR_photo From Shutterstock

2. Pet toys and furniture 

This is actually a big no when it comes to decorative items. I bet you love your furry friend, and you do everything you can in order to make it feel safe and healthy. That’s why you should never buy pet furniture.

You don’t know what the previous animals were up to, or maybe they were sick, and the bed you just bought has a lot of bacteria on it.

To prevent weird smells in your house, please buy them something new! It’s safer for both of you.

3. Antique crystal

If you want to use it as a simple decoration item, it’s OK, but if you plan to eat off it, it’s a very bad idea. Believe it or not, these items can actually contaminate your drinks and food because they were made a long time ago when the process was different from nowadays.

You should get some new drinking glasses to keep the worries at bay. You know, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

TIP: And if you really want an item like this in your home, make sure you don’t store any food overnight in it. 

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