7 Cleaning Myths That Make Your Home Dirtier

Photo by Brett Hondow from Shutterstock

1. “Bleach cleans absolutely everything.”

Though it’s effective for making whites whiter and removing difficult stains, bleach shouldn’t be used on all surfaces. “Bleach is a great disinfectant and stain remover, but it doesn’t do a great job in removing grease, so on its own, it’s great for bathroom mildew, laundry stains, and disinfecting surfaces,” Forté explained.

For cleaning greasy counters and stovetops, it needs to be combined with other cleaning ingredients. If you need to remove grime and dirt, the best thing to use is something with a gritty texture, such as baking soda, which helps loosen up dirt particles.

Don’t forget to use cleaning gloves whenever you use bleach!

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