29 Surprising Tips on Tidying Up Your House

Photo by fizkes from Shutterstock

Wipe your bedside table each morning

If you wipe your bedside table every morning, you cross off the list one more thing that needs to be done on the weekend.

Arrange your wardrobe as you go

Deciding what to wear can turn out to be…stormy. In order to avoid picking up once a week every piece of clothing you rejected on a busy Monday morning, it would be best just to keep a hamper or bag just for storage.

You can sort them out once a month or when you feel like doing it, but at least you won’t have to crawl between your clothes every night.

Immediately rehang your clothes

Don’t leave your jeans or your sweatshirt on a chair if you can use them one more time before laundry day. Instead, make a habit out of hanging them in the closet right after you finish.

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