13 Signs Your House Is Infested

Photo by Agami Photo Agency from shutterstock.com

4. You notice some signs of nesting

You should check wall cavities, loft insulation, behind appliances, and garage corners since they like to get installed in their new home in darker spaces with less traffic in the house.

You can eventually notice them by their strong odors. In general, mice like to shred a lot of paper to get cozy.

5. Ladybugs 

Ladybugs are all adorable, but they are also predators. If you start noticing a couple of them in your house then you may have mites, whiteflies, or scale insects. It doesn’t count if you find them outdoors.

6. Stains of grease

Because of the oil on their skin, they will leave a trace behind them.

7. You start hearing unusual noises

They can be silent creatures, but you are going to hear them in your house. For example, termites will make a lot of noise, by banging their tiny hands into the wall. If you hear something between the walls or in the ceiling, then you can also have a rat or mice problem in your place.

8. The paint is peeling 

If the paint starts to peel off and if your floors start to feel weak then it might be a sign you have termites. They love to feed on wood.

9. Damaged furniture

Mice or rats love to chew your furniture and that’s because of their constantly growing teeth. The bad part is they like to eat pretty much everything: wires, pipes, the insulation…you name it.

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