13 Renovations That Will Hurt Your Home’s Value

Photo by ImageFlow from Shutterstock

Luxurious bathroom

If you want to upgrade your bathroom it will certainly add value to your home, but it’s easy to exaggerate and take the idea of luxury a little too far. Potential buyers might dislike it because of different remodeling mistakes, like over-personalized finished and over-the-top whirlpool tubs that are difficult to clean and hard to climb into.

Removing closets

The owner of residential agency Silversons, Michele Silverman Bedell, told MarketWatch how she’s seen how removing a closet to make room for another upgrade, like a bedroom, can hurt a home’s resale value. As she says, people really need closets, and sometimes, it’s the first thing they’re interested in when they walk into a room.

This next renovation is officially a bad idea……

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