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13 Signs Your House Is Infested

Now and then, infestation happens to our house and when it strikes us, the whole process of getting rid of them is overwhelming. And by the time we realize what’s happening it’s probably already too late. But, sometimes, even if we don’t see them running around the house, it doesn’t mean the pests aren’t there.… Read the rest

Toss These Things from Your House for Instant Happiness

You can be as organized as you want, but when it comes to clutter, it’s easy to miss some objects. If you can’t help yourself from storing those huge piles of old magazines, defective electronics that one day might save your life, and unwanted clothing, we’ll give you the “intervention” you needed.… Read the rest

13 Renovations That Will Hurt Your Home’s Value

Some homeowners are looking forward to adding some changes to their home, whether it’s for their own pleasure or because they plan to boost their home’s value for a resale. But you have to be careful because some home renovations might only hurt your home’s value.… Read the rest

29 Surprising Tips on Tidying Up Your House

It’s way harder to find time to clean your house when you’re out and about all day long, with a lot of work that needs to be done. Some might be comfortable with the idea of cleaning their home at the weekend, but sometimes even that can be overwhelming.… Read the rest