Can You Put A Humidifier Next To Your Bed?

Is it safe to put a humidifier next to your bed? Does it have any harmful effects? Just keep in mind that it isn’t a good idea to keep any humidifier close to the bed. Once you do this, it may result to serious harm. A good way for you to understand what kind of danger humidifiers may pose is to understand what a humidifier does.

If you’ve decided to place a humidifier beside your bed, you’re in for some troubles depending on the humidifier you are using. You have to take note that there are different humidifiers that you should put far from your bed since too much humidity could be a bad thing.

Lots of people across the globe strive when taking care of their bodies daily. Others could monitor what they eat in a day where some people could make an effort when exercising more often.

A lot of people would work to make some changes in environment that would benefit their bodies. For instance, when air is very dirty, it could have some dangerous effects on your sinuses and skin. With this in mind, a lot of people choose to keep a humidifier inside their homes, oftentimes in their rooms that they’re in the most.

Humidifier – How Does It Work?

As its name suggest, humidifiers are made to bring moisture to air to avoid dry air in your house. It is made to get rid of health problems including bloody noses, dry skin, aggravating respiratory problems, and dry sinuses.

Various humidifiers would also work differently.

For instance, there are several humidifiers that are made to generate cool mist instead of warm mist. Some humidifiers also use ultrasonic vibrations rather than fans to make finer water droplets in the air.

The kind of humidifier that you have would rely on what kind of moisture should be added to the living space.

Once temperature starts to reduce during winter time, a lot of people would decide to buy warm mist humidifiers. Such humidifiers don’t only fight against dry air that winter brings, but also they help with colder temperatures.

These units work through boiling water until it vaporized, which will add moisture to air around you. On the other hand, cool mist humidifier is made to cool the vaporized air so your room won’t only be cooler, but also it will be moisturized.

Among these kinds of humidifiers, warm mist humidifiers are the most dangerous humidifiers to have next to your bed for some reasons.

Is Humidifier Really Dangerous?

The danger that humidifiers present to you would depend on the kind of humidifier. If you’ve decided to place warm mist humidifiers beside your bed, you’re in for some trouble.

Warm mist humidifiers work through boiling the water inside the humidifier. It means that the humidifier’s contents reach boiling temperatures.

As you imagine, having devices that may easily reach or exceed boiling temperatures next to your bed can be problematic. Humidifiers might fall to the ground or could cause burns. Nobody likes to be woken up in such kind of manner.

Some humidifiers must be farther away from the bed for the reason that high level of humidity may be a bad thing.

Once you don’t care and clean your humidifier properly, you might end up spending mold in moisturized air. It may also bring about lots of health problems, particularly in those who have weak immune system.

Having a humidifier next to the bed is as simple as asking for some troubles. But, others might like to keep their rooms comfortable. There are some ways that humidifiers could make your room more suitable. This is possible even without risking your health.

If you can’t place your humidifier next to your bed, you might wonder the best place to put it. Most people would choose keeping the humidifier on stable surface near one of the room’s walls. It removes the dangers of humidifiers directly falling on top of you and spreading mold to your body while sleeping.

Humidifiers would still do the job. Regardless if you have the best warm mist humidifier or ultrasonic humidifier, your room would remain as comfortable as it is before moving your humidifier.

With that in mind, if you really like to get a humidifier that offers you the benefits of both warm and cool mist in a single package, you should the one that is suitable for you.

For others, being able to sleep with humidifier near their bed is crucial. Besides, humidifies are said to be proven to help when it comes to dealing with allergies and give comfort while you sleep. It’s the case with a warm mist humidifier since it can produce warm air.

If you don’t have a choice and you have to keep your humidifier near the bed, there are some precautions you must take for consideration to avoid the risks. The most crucial thing you’ll have to do is cleaning your humidifier thoroughly and it should be done on a regular basis.

Perfect Place to Put Your Humidifier

Usually, humidifiers are placed in living rooms where every family member may benefit and enjoy from the cool or warm moisture coming out of humidifiers.

Also, it’s a common practice for everyone to keep humidifiers in their room so they may use it for moisturizing the room overnight as well as wake up in the morning relaxed and fresh.

But, the best place to put humidifiers is where you feel you have it the most. Thus, whether your humidifier is in your living room or in your bedroom, make sure that it is the place where you want to get the most out of your unit.

If you still want to use a humidifier next to your bed, shop around for a unit that is safe to use and would be effective in doing its job. You can ask for professional’s help if possible.