How Do I Purify Water From My Humidifier?

To purify the water from your humidifier, you should understand the process of water purification. The purification procedure basically minimizes the concentration of contaminants including fungi, viruses, algae, bacteria, and suspended particles.

Whatever kind of humidifiers you use or plan to buy, it’s essential to use purified water. This will not just protect your health, but also the rest of your family members.

It is also important to clean tank or water-containing reservoir often to make sure that there aren’t any bacteria, molds, and some microorganisms growing as well as proliferating in reservoir.

Microorganisms may proliferate in the containers that haven’t been cleaned and they’ll get propagated to your house or entire room with fine droplets of water.

In addition to that, when there’s high content of minerals in tap water, minerals would get projected out to the house or room along with the water mist.

Therefore, for those who have sensitive respiratory system, breathing dust-filled air isn’t good for your health. For elderly and people with weak immune system, it isn’t good to breathe volatile chemicals and some allergens once they feel the water reservoir of humidifier with chemically contaminated water.

Using purified water can prolong the life expectancy of your humidifier.

A humidifier, particularly the ultrasonic or impeller types, projects minerals in tap water with high content of minerals. While some can breathe in dust and see white dust layer on surfaces in humidifier’s vicinity, minerals in tap water can result to crusty deposits and buildup of scale in humidifiers.

Scale may be a breeding ground for microorganisms like bacteria. However, scale can cause clogging and may shorten your humidifier’s life. Thus, it’s essential to use purified water that has minerals filtered out during the process of filtration.

Why Should You Use Purified Water in Your Humidifier?

If you like to breathe clean air, you would want to use clean water like purified water for your humidifier.

Portable humidifier is great in alleviating several things including skin and lips, stuffy or dry nose, congestion, and would help you feel better when you have flu or cold.

It works through adding moisture back to the dry air space to reduce the problems due to dry winter air or heater. Humidifiers may also make life more comfortable if you are living in places with arid climates.

There are some types of humidifiers available today, yet whatever type you get, it is important that you use purified and filtered water when running humidifiers to protect you and your family’s health.

There are lots of minerals in tap water and such minerals would get projected to your space with water mist from humidifier.

It may be problematic for the ones with allergies and sensitive respiratory system. Breathing air that is filled with dust would just do harm and could result to sickness.

Types of Humidifiers You Can Use

Humidifiers are small household appliances that increase the moisture or humidity of a certain space through dispensing vapor directly to that house or room.

Some of the humidifiers you can choose from include the following:

Evaporative Humidifiers

This kind of humidifier has been the most famous in the market. It comprises of 3 basic parts including fan, reservoir, and wick. The reservoir is a water-storage container that provides water for moisture or vapor output.

It’s essential to keep this vessel free of bacteria and clean and some physical contaminants so humidifier won’t propagate microbes with moisture to the whole house or room.

Wick is a filter or sheet, which soaks up water from reservoir. This kind of humidifiers is also self-regulated, which means that as relative humidity increases, the evaporation from wick reduces. Fan is placed adjacent to wick and blows air back, which helps in water evaporation.

Ultrasonic Humidifiers

This humidifier employs a flexible and thin disk or metal diaphragm that vibrates at ultrasonic frequency to make small water droplets.

This kind of humidifier is typically silent, energy-efficient, and generates a cool mist. Water reservoir should be cleaned often to avoid bacterial and microbial propagation to the air. Since water isn’t heated or boiled in the system, bacteria and some microorganisms may grow as well as proliferate rapidly in the stagnant water, which may cause the release of the microbe-filled moisture.

For those who have weak immune system, it’s best to clean water reservoir and fill reservoir with purified water.

Bypass or Forced Humidifiers

These are small and portable household appliance, yet units built to the building’s furnace.

They’re known as bypass humidifiers since they’re connected between cooled-air and heated-air return ducts, which use the pressure difference between such 2 ducts to case heated air to make bypass through humidifier and return to furnace.

As this kind of humidifier isn’t applicable to most people who use mobile and small humidifiers, you should consider other humidifiers.

Cool Mist Humidifiers

With this kind of humidifier, rotating disc pitches the water at comb-like diffuser. Diffusers break the water to small droplets that suspend and drift in the air. Since water isn’t heated or boiled, fine water drops appear as cool mist projecting out of humidifiers.

Water may get stagnant in reservoir, so it’s best to clean reservoir often and fill that with purified water to avoid microorganisms from building up in the tank and get projected to the room.

If using tap water with high content of minerals, the minerals would get projected to the air along with water vapor.

Those who use this kind of system might notice the minerals as mineral dust could cause some problems to one’s respiratory system in the long run. So, never forget to use purified water for your humidifier.

No matter what type of humidifier you are using or you’re planning to buy, you should know how to purify water for your unit. It is important to use purified and filtered water to fill the water storage container or reservoir for you breathe fresher and cleaner air.