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6 Home Items You’re Cleaning Way Too Much

The COVID-19 pandemic turned us into cleaning freaks! We were scared of the virus and its consequences, and that made us extremely careful with our household and personal items. However, believe it or not, it’s possible to clean your home too much.… Read the rest

5 Quick Tips for Removing Stains from Clothing

You’re out for lunch, and by mistake, you spill some of that greasy sauce on your amazingly new outfit. Now it’s ruined, and you already spent a ton of cash on it! What can you do? First of all, by the end of the article, you will find out that every little stain, even the nastiest ones, can be easily removed with these amazing hacks.… Read the rest

5 Ways You Ruin Your Clothes Without Realizing

When it comes to laundry, everybody thinks it has some well-established rules that they follow on a daily basis. But there are still some things you’re probably not aware of and are doing completely wrong. Detergent measuring, zipping your clothes, and other stuff that you don’t really pay attention to are only some of a much longer list of tasks that can damage your clothes pretty badly.… Read the rest

Yikes! 6 Easy Ways to Remove Grease From ANY Surface

Chicken in a deep fryer, steak in a skillet, and pizza in the oven—all can leave greasy stains all over your kitchen. And unless you have a superpower like Samantha from “Bewitched” and can make problems go away with just a twitch of your nose, you’re aware a good scrub is on the way.… Read the rest

7 Quick Ways to Hide Scratches on Your Furniture

Does your furniture have scratches? Household furniture inevitably loses its shine. Furthermore, it begins to show signs of wear and tear over time. The once-perfect piece of art becomes marred with dents, scratches, and other visually disturbing flaws. And while scratches are unavoidable, you don’t have to spend your money on a professional finisher to make your furniture look new again.… Read the rest
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7 Cleaning Myths That Make Your Home Dirtier

We’re here to debunk some cleaning myths! Cleaning takes a lot of effort, so there’s nothing worse than spreading dirt as well as bacteria when you’re supposed to, well, clean. To help destroy some cleaning myths, we talked with Carolyn Forté, the director of the Home Care & Cleaning Products at the Good Housekeeping Institute.… Read the rest

6 New Ways to Lower Your Heating Bills This Winter

We all love to snuggle inside the house during the cold season. However, with this terrible inflation, it may be difficult to maintain an optimal temperature and also have affordable heating bills. So what can we do? Nevertheless, whether your home is new or old, there are some things we frequently forget that allow the cold air inside and make the thermostat or heater work harder to keep things warm.… Read the rest

7 Warning Signs You Must Clean Your Vent Dryer NOW

Everyone wants their dryer to last as long as possible. That’s why it’s essential to keep all the dryer vents clean if you want to save your loved ones, your house, and your priceless possessions. When lint builds up quickly in your dryer, it can become a dangerous issue if you don’t take the proper measures to remove it.… Read the rest

8 Things You Never Clean (But 100% Should!)

Cleaning is never a pleasant chore, especially if we have a big space with a lot of rooms. We must clean the floors, wash the sheets and pillows, and vacuum. That does sound like a hassle! But in all this mess, we might forget some important hidden spots like the plates covering the light switches, the inside of our oven, and the computer.… Read the rest

5 Tips to Clean Your Washing Machine Like a Pro

Cleaning your washing machine is one of the most essential things you can do for nice, fresh laundry. But this is one job we haven’t given much thought to, right? You may think that it can clean itself because, after all, you use detergent and water for the laundry, so it might help with the washing machine’s cleaning as well.… Read the rest

NEVER Disinfect These 8 Common Things! (Here’s Why)

I’m sure a lot of us have done more disinfection in the last couple of years than we ever have because of the pandemic. Personally, I’ve never had more consistently germ-free light switches, doorknobs, faucet handles, and counters! So after all, there were some good sides to COVID too.… Read the rest

6 Hacks to Get Your Clothes Free of Wrinkles

Ironing is not a flattering word, especially when you have to do it almost daily. There is definitely nothing more unpleasant than having a wrinkled outfit if you’re going to an important event or at the office. Before you can even start ironing your clothes, you have to take out one of those enormous ironing boards, check that the setting is the proper one, and wait for it to heat up.… Read the rest