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NEVER Disinfect These 8 Common Things! (Here’s Why)

I’m sure a lot of us have done more disinfection in the last couple of years than we ever have because of the pandemic. Personally, I’ve never had more consistently germ-free light switches, doorknobs, faucet handles, and counters! So after all, there were some good sides to COVID too.… Read the rest

6 Hacks to Get Your Clothes Free of Wrinkles

Ironing is not a flattering word, especially when you have to do it almost daily. There is definitely nothing more unpleasant than having a wrinkled outfit if you’re going to an important event or at the office. Before you can even start ironing your clothes, you have to take out one of those enormous ironing boards, check that the setting is the proper one, and wait for it to heat up.… Read the rest

5 Steps to Having a Moth-Free Wardrobe

Everybody hates moths! They are so small and evil and ready to “attack” your favorite clothes, leaving them unwearable. Moths will always find a way to enter your wardrobe and destroy everything, and let’s face it, you’ve probably had a huge moth infestation in your home at least once in your lifetime.… Read the rest

10 Things That Must Be Disinfected Daily

Because of the pandemic, I became even more aware of how often I should clean my entire house. And there are so many places that you should disinfect daily. But let’s be clear on what the differences are between cleaning and disinfecting.… Read the rest

4 Efficient Ways to Clean Your Showerhead

It may seem like any showerhead might be self-cleaning, but in reality, because it comes into contact with water, limescale is inevitable. Gradually, this can become a serious issue because it can cause blockages and affect the water flow. Why is this happening?… Read the rest

8 Surprising Things You Shouldn’t Put in a Dishwasher

Whoever invented dishwashers was a genius. Seriously! They’re such a blessing because all the hard work we’re supposed to do after a big family dinner is easily solved by simply pressing a button after throwing everything in it. Even if this might be tempting, there are still some items that are not that safe to put in the dishwasher because the chemicals from the detergents along with the water can seriously damage them.… Read the rest

5 Homemade Window Cleaners That Are Better Than Store-Bought

Of all the chores we have to do, one of the ugliest has got to be window cleaning. And it’s even nastier when the glass cleaner that you’ve been using for a while leaves streaks. Because I live in a house with a lot of windows, and they must be shiny all the time, I need an efficient cleaner that can help me get through the whole process without any further headaches.… Read the rest
car cleaning

8 Ways to Clean a Car So It Looks Almost Brand New

Do you want your car to look as good as the day you bought it? Even if you’re dealing with a small space, you already know that it can turn into a huge mess in a blink of an eye. Whether you’ve left some empty bags from a previous road trip with your grandchildren, or your dog made a bit of a mess in the backseat, the car easily has the potential to collect all sorts of stuff that doesn’t belong there.… Read the rest