Best Place To Put A Dehumidifier In A 2 Story House

Dehumidifiers upstairs and in the basement perform a good deal of dehumidification, yet for it to function properly, one should discern the best placement of dehumidifiers in your home.

During the cold season, the humidity level is high and you have to minimize air moisture in buildings, which make dehumidifiers in your house necessary.

Before you decide where to place your dehumidifier, it’s an electrical appliance, which works like vacuum cleaners. It does its job through sucking in moist air to eliminate water in the air, which maintain and decrease the level of humidity.

This balance in humidity level can go a long way to hinder the mold growth, which may affect one’s health in a negative manner.

Factors That Affect the Placement of a Dehumidifier in 2 Story House

Dehumidifiers may be placed on the floor or up high in the second or the first floor depending on the following factors:

Personal Preferences

The placement of a dehumidifier may depend on your preferred location.

Farness to Air, Dust, and Particles

Placing dehumidifiers near to the dust source would put a lot of strain of dehumidifier filter and it may result in its damage in a short period of time.

Accessibility to Electric Source

Dehumidifiers must be placed at a place where electricity may be accessed, yet not very near to the electric source to avoid electrocution.

The Area With Best Airflow

Dehumidifiers must be placed in an area where it may draw air quickly and expel hot dry air easily where there aren’t any obstacles that could obstruct good airflow.

Moisture Air-Filled Floor

Dehumidifiers must be placed in an area where the air is filled with moisture. For instance, if your laundry room, kitchen, moisture air-filled areas, and bathrooms are located downstairs, dehumidifiers must be placed there.


Dehumidifiers must be placed on the floor with the least temperature in your house whether downstairs or upstairs.

Can You Use Dehumidifiers Downstairs?

It must be placed close to an outlet.

This outlet should be an open area that should be far from stagnant water.

For dehumidifiers to work efficiently, try to seal the basement so the outside moist air won’t get inside.

Can You Use Dehumidifiers Upstairs?

It depends on your second floor’s humidity level, which is high. It’s recommended to run whole house dehumidifier that would run through both the second and first floor.

But, if you only have one dehumidifier, you should choose your basement as the perfect placement of your unit.

The Bottom Line

All in all, the perfect place to keep a dehumidifier is in your basement if it’s downstairs and close to the stairs if it’s upstairs.

The reason behind it is that the basement is considered as the most humid area in your house.

If there’s any moist condition upstairs, its source should be resolved instead of placing a dehumidifier.