How Often To Change Humidifier Water?

Your water must be changed regularly. Use distilled water always as it can help prevent calcium buildup in the water chambers and to prevent sinus infections. Before you add new water, rinse the humidifier chamber first.

If you have noticed a stuffy or runny nose lately, you might think that it’s springtime that causes your allergies. You might be right, but most of the symptoms may show up in fall and many allergy sufferers are miserable during this time.

The common cause of fall allergies is ragweed. Depending on where you’re living, allergies that are ragweed-fueled may start in September or August and continue through November.

Most regions in the US are taken over by mold spores and ragweed, even when many plants start to abscise for winter. In relation to this, you must know when to change the water in your humidifier.

You should also know how to replace and why you should change water panel since it can help you get rid of allergies.

What to Know about Humidifier Water Panel?

If it’s your first time to hear about it, water panel evaporators are basically the heart of humidifiers and the component that generate the essential humidity to keep you comfortable throughout the heating season.

Water panel slides to the scale control insert. Water distribution tray is found on the top of the water panel.

Humidifier is one of the effective tools to keep an office, home or building comfortable. Whole house humidifiers are made to deliver the right amount of moisture to your house in each season.

Changes in the season or weather may bring dry air, which could make you have an itchy skin, red skin, headaches, and nosebleeds. Reducing the negative effects of dry air could make your house more comfortable. Seasonal levels of humidity may affect the comfort in your home.

Numerous units use humidifier water panel in an enclosure, which attaches to your central air system or heater. It works through combining water and forced stream of hot air that’s distributed through the duct system.

Although you aren’t bothered by the air dryness during daytime, you might notice that your sleep is better when using humidifier.

Best Time to Replace Humidifier Water Panel

A question you might be wondering is how frequent humidifier water panel must be changed. Many manufacturers recommend majority of models must be replaced once for every season.

The reason behind it is that the air forced through the filter basically carries dust and some particles that could clog holes in mesh once they mix with water.

The usual water panel or filter or evaporator pad in your humidifier is made of an expanded aluminum mesh dipped in ceramic slip. The big surface of clay material is ideal to absorb water.

Experts agree when openings in water panel become clogged with mineral deposits and scale, they’ll restrict airflow through pad and must be replaced.

The life expectancy of water panel would differ with the water’s hardness, the application, and amount of use. It’s highly recommended that the water panel must be changed at least once each year depending on the air flow.

It is a great idea to plan replacements in advance. You may schedule first replacements once you prepare furnace for weather change, which may come with fall and halfway through the winter time.

Changing Humidifier Water Panel – Steps to Follow

If you’re wondering how to change humidifier water panel, there’s no need for you to worry since the process typically takes several minutes depending on the model of your unit. There’s no real mechanical or technical knowledge required.

The entire process is all about as complicated as changing batteries in your remote control.

You only have to find the unit and follow these steps:

  1. Get rid of the cover. Majority of the covers come off easily with a pressure panel or button that releases them.
  2. Remove the old water panel. You must take out the enclosure, which holds the water panel of the humidifier and swap replacement unit in.
  3. Replace its enclosure. If you’ve inserted a new unit, you must replace enclosure, which ensures putting it back to the same way you took that out.
  4. Make sure the unit is stable. You must secure the latch you have used for releasing the enclosure and check to ensure it’s stable.
  5. Replace its cover. If you’ve verified that it looks like the original, you may replace the cover.

These simple instructions to replace water panel on your humidifier are easy to follow. Regardless if you own a humidifier manufactured by different brands, it’s simple to replace humidifier water panel.

Important Things to Note

Before starting with replacing or changing the water panel of your humidifier, make sure that you have turned off the cooling and heating system of your panel. Every humidifier may have unique involved steps when changing water panel.

There are some instructions that may come with the manual or water panel carton. If you are experiencing some issues, you should consider doing it through a DIY approach.

In times of trouble configuring out the process of changing the humidifier water panel, it is wise to ask for professional help. This will not only help you avoid possible problems in the long run, but you can be assured that your unit will run properly.

Why You Have to Change the Water Panel of Your Humidifier?

If you will not change the water panel of your humidifier, it will carry various risks not  just to you, but also to your home’s climate control system. Since the particles stay wet and cake up, it makes a perfect environment for bacteria and mold to flourish.

You will also notice reduced performance of the unit. Particles and mineral deposits from water may build up within your unit’s water panel. Once it’s clogged, it’ll put greater strain on fan motor that could result to HVAC unit working harder.

It’ll reduce the unit’s overall effectiveness. Once your unit is integrated in your heating system, it may lessen your fan’s life expectancy.