Can You Use Bottled Water In A Humidifier?

A humidifier is extremely useful in areas with low humidity. This device functions by releasing moisture back to the air and makes it more humid.

It also comes in handy from a health perspective, and most people who suffer from asthma or any similar respiratory condition find it essential.

Humidifiers have a special spot in residential homes, nursing homes, as well as commercial buildings wherein people’s comfort, is paramount.

However, can you use bottled water in a humidifier? In general, good bottled water is much better compared to most tap water.

The main issue here is that filtered water does not really get rid of most inorganic minerals and elements found in tap water. Although most brands claim that their bottled water comes from natural spring, the water will still have minerals in it.

Drinking this won’t cause you any harm but this is not that good for your humidifier since this can lead to scale buildup in the unit and release of minerals to the atmosphere.

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Use cold distilled water in your humidifier

Use distilled water and do regular cleaning to your humidifier in order to minimize mineral deposits, mold, and bacteria.


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Why Tap Water is Not Good for Humidifiers

One of the things that cross the mind of almost any first time user of humidifiers is whether they can use tap water or not.

The main problem with tap water is the fact that it contains a lot of minerals. Depending on the area where you live, this can contain trace amounts of anything from fluoride to zinc.

If you use tap water in your humidifier, these minerals will be released back to the atmosphere. If you are someone conscious about your health who find this thought problematic, tap water is definitely not for you.

One more concern is that these minerals found in tap water can also lead to scale buildup inside your humidifier. It can result to the unit not functioning properly and worse, causing damages to it. If you invested a significant amount of money on your humidifier, it is not something that you should be doing.

Aside from this, if you wish to keep both your room and your humidifier sanitary, using tap water is not the best way to go. This is because tap water has bacteria as well as other pathogens that will build up in the unit and get released to your room. Since humidifiers are moist and warm, this is an ideal environment for bacterial growth.

It is something that you have to take note in case you use a CPAP machine and fill tap water in your humidifier device. Considering the use of a CPAP machine, using tap water in such case can prove to be dangerous. The overgrowth of bacteria, mineral deposits, and mold can get into the lungs of the person using it. This can result to serious respiratory conditions.

How About Boiled Water for Your Humidifier?

What if there is no distilled water and you are not sure if your bottled water is as pure as it claims? Would it be okay to use boiled tap water in your unit instead? While it is easy to just fill a pot with tap water and boil it, it doesn’t make it an ideal option for your humidifier.

So, the answer here is no, you cannot use boiled water in your humidifier. This is because tap water, even when boiled, still contains all of its dissolved minerals. You cannot get rid of these through boiling. Boiling only means that you killed majority of the pathogens found in the water yet there is still the issue of the minerals in it.

As you know, the inorganic elements found tap water as well as boiled water will harm your humidifier. There is the concern of buildup of white dust inside the unit that you have to clean. All these minerals will be released to the atmosphere, causing health issues. If damaging your humidifier is out of the question, the best thing to do is avoid using boiled water.

Why Purified Water is the Best Choice for Your Humidifier

If your goal is to breathe cleaner air, you will be better off if you use clean water, or purified water if possible in your unit. A portable humidifier is great at solving numerous health concerns including dry skin and lips, a stuffy or dry nose, and congestion.

This also helps improve your condition when suffering from flu or cold. This is done through putting moisture back to the dry air in a room to reduce the issues caused by dry air produced by your heater or by dry air during winter months.

A humidifier can also make your life more comfortable if you are living in an area with arid climates.

While there are a lot of different types of humidifiers that you can find in the market today, it is important to keep in mind that no matter what kind you choose, it is important to stick with purified and filtered water when using your humidifier to protect you and your family’s health.

Once again, tap water or even well water has high mineral content, and these minerals will be released to the air together with the humidifier’s produced water mist.

It can be a problem for people suffering from sensitive respiratory systems or allergies. Breathing air that contains a lot of dust will only do you more harm, leading to sickness down the road.

Another good reason to use purified and filtered water in your humidifier is to help prolong the life of your unit. Humidifiers have the tendency to project minerals found in tap water to the air, leading to crusty buildup or deposits in the unit itself.

In turn, this will transform it into a breeding ground where bacteria can thrive as well as other dangerous pollutants.

If you are using filtered and purified water, you can be sure that the minerals are already filtered out that will leave only pure water you can use in your humidifier.

Yes, tap water is cheaper but again, it will do you more harm than good if you use it for your humidifier.