Best Peltier Dehumidifier

While ‘Peltier’ may be an unfamiliar term for casual conversations, most people know what thermoelectricity is at least in the vaguest sense. Essentially, the ‘Peltier effect’ is synonymous with the latter, and in short words, the term basically refers to the conversion of differences in temperature into electric voltage (or vice versa) with a contraption called the ‘thermocouple’.

Peltier dehumidifiers are essentially environmentally friendly dehumidifiers that utilize thermoelectricity as their main source of power. They’re capable of cooling the temperature in a relevant area (depending on the model’s strength) while purifying the air within it, or alternatively, they can heat up a room while making the place more breathable, which makes them an excellent choice regardless of the season.

Aside from discussing the main benefits and operational principles of Peltier dehumidifiers today we are also going to mention some of the most valuable and versatile models that the market has to offer, so let’s dive straight into the reviews:

Best Peltier Dehumidifier

AmazonBasics Dehumidifier

Amazon Basics Dehumidifier - For Areas Up to 4000 Square Feet, 50-Pint, Energy Star Certified, White

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We’re opening up our review of the best Peltier Dehumidifiers with a model from AmazonBasics’ catalog. In pretty much every other industry Amazon’s brand of ‘basics’ is typically the leader in the budget section whereas it actually offers top-shelf boutique Peltier dehumidifiers this time around. 

In essence, this is a large-sized dehumidifier that can purify and dehumidify areas up to 4,000 square feet, which basically means that it will be powerful enough for your needs unless you’re living in the largest of mansions. 

It packs a variety of convenient features, such as automatic defrost, automatic restarting feature, programmable timers, overflow protection, as well as a range of smart dehumidification settings that will adapt to your home ambient and atmosphere on their own. 

Obviously, the only notable downfall of AmazonBasics’ Peltier dehumidifier is the fact that it’s fairly expensive, but in turn it offers a myriad of benefits to the table, such as exceptional coverage, reliability, near-instant thermoelectric conversion, reusable filters, and a variety of fully programmable (and automatic) settings and features.


  • Decently big, but fairly easy to move
  • Automatic restart, defrost, adaptation, timer, overflow protection
  • Very simple to clean and maintain
  • Reusable filters 


  • Expensive
  • Overkill if used for smaller-sized homes 

Ivation 19-Pint Desiccant Dehumidifier

Ivation 19 Pint Small-Area Desiccant Dehumidifier Compact and Quiet - with Continuous Drain Hose for...

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Next up is Ivation’s 19-pint desiccant dehumidifier model. In essence, Ivation is one of the biggest names in this particular line of industry, and we’ve chosen this model as our runner-up pick due to its well-roundedness and tremendous performance. 

First and foremost, its dimensions measure 8.5 inches by 12.5 inches by 19.5 inches, and it weighs only 17.7 pounds. For comparison’s sake, it’s more than two times lighter than AmazonBasics’ model while offering a relatively similar level of eclecticism and versatility. 

Aside from being light, it also offers a user-friendly interface (LCD display) that you can use to easily turn it on or off, adjust the humidity levels, tweak the fan speed, program the timer, and adjust the screens’ brightness. 

In terms of reach and coverage, it’s substantially weaker than our top pick, sadly. Ivation’s 19-pint dehumidifier is suitable for use in spaces up to approximately 410 square feet, which obviously means that it’s an excellent choice for smaller homes, dorm rooms, workspaces, and such.


  • Smallish and fairly lightweight
  • Easy-to-read LCD display
  • Several drainage/maintenance options 
  • A variety of fully automatic features 


  • Suitable for smaller spaces and rooms 
  • Decently expensive

Midea MAD20C1ZWS Dehumidifier

Midea 1,500 Sq. Ft. Energy Star Certified Dehumidifier With Reusable Air Filter 22 Pint - Ideal For...

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Midea’s MAD20C1ZWS Dehumidifier brings the convenience of compactness together with robust performance. It’s drastically cheaper than the previous two dehumidifier models we’ve reviewed and is ideal for people who can’t afford them. 

The original MAD20C1ZWS features a 20-pint reservoir that boasts coverage of up to 1500 square feet. You have two other options at your disposal (35-pint and 50-pint reservoirs) if you’re living in a larger home or simply want to dehumidify the air in certain rooms faster. 

The dimensions of this model measure 15.31 inches by 10.51 inches by 19.8 inches, and it’s not overly heavy with 33.51 pounds of weight. It features several integrated mechanisms that are fully automatic, such as the auto defrost function, automatic restart, overload protection, and many others. Essentially, it’s the representative of quality among mid-range Peltier dehumidifiers, so if you demand quality while not being willing to pay a fortune for it, look no further than Midea’s MAD20C1ZWS. 


  • Built to last
  • Optimal coverage (bigger variations also available)
  • Automatic defrost, restart, configurable air temperature, and continuous dehumidification 
  • Whisper-quiet method of operation


  • Slightly heavier than average

Clevast 1,500 sq. Ft Energy Star Dehumidifier

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Next up we have Clevast’s Energy Star; it’s just a tad more expensive than Midea’s dehumidifier, which is mainly due to the fact that it’s packed with superior features. The dimensions of Clevast Energy Star measure 23 inches by 17 inches by 12 inches while it weighs 35.5 pounds. Even though it’s certainly not the lightest (or most compact) dehumidifier on the market, it’s not heavy or unwieldy per se. 

The main reason why it’s ranked so high on most virtual marketplaces is that it comes supplied with an arsenal of some pretty advanced technologies, such as the filter-cleaning reminder, the proprietary TURBO pad, comfort mode, automatic defrost, shut-off, automatic restart, continuous dehumidifying, as well as a number of user custom presets. 

It’s perfectly suited for larger homes (up to 1500 square feet) as it can collect up to 22 pints of water each day while boasting a superb coverage rating. In a nutshell, it’s eco-friendly and green, completely undemanding in terms of maintenance, and a powerhouse of a dehumidifier, so if you’re on the market in search of the best Peltier dehumidifier, this might be a perfect choice for you.


  • Superb coverage
  • Perfectly suited for big and medium-sized homes, rooms, and areas
  • Very easy to maintain
  • Packed with advanced features and technologies
  • Plethora of fully automatic utility features 


  • Slightly bigger and heavier than most similarly priced models 

Lonove Dehumidifier

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Our first pick in the category of budget Peltier dehumidifiers is Lonove’s model. In a nutshell, this dehumidifier is as compact as its cheaper similarly priced counterparts, but it’s substantially better-rounded and more powerful. 

Its dimensions measure 10 inches by 10 inches by 12 inches, and it weighs barely 7.68 pounds, making it the lightest and most compact model in our review so far. One of the most convenient features of Lonove’s dehumidifier is the 2000 ml water tank that can dehumidify up to 750 ml of water each day. 

Furthermore, it’s outfitted with convenient indicator lights that show the current working mode; moreover, Lonove’s Peltier dehumidifier also packs pre-set dehumidification settings and blank user presets that you can use to bank your own settings. 


  • Fairly strong for a portable Peltier dehumidifier 
  • 2 operational modes
  • Indicator lights
  • Very simple to use


  • Slightly flimsier than most dehumidifiers 
  • A bit more difficult to clean and maintain

Beyn Mini Dehumidifier

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Here we have Beyn’s mini dehumidifier; even though it’s obviously bigger than Lonove’s model, it’s much smaller than some of our top picks while boasting relatively similar levels of strength. 

It’s equipped with a neat remote controller that works on rechargeable batteries that allows you to access the timer, switch between modes, or activate defrost and continuous humidity features. 

Although Beyn’s mini dehumidifier is strong enough to dehumidify up to 500 ml of water daily, its highlight feature is the convenient drainage hose, which substantially simplifies the maintenance and cleaning processes. 


  • Decently affordable
  • Continuous dehumidification (up to 500 ml daily)
  • The remote control method of operation 
  • Simple maintenance 


  • Crude, unwieldy design

Ivation Thin and Compact 400 mL Dehumidifier

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Here’s another model from Ivation’s catalogue; the Thin and Compact is a 400 ml dehumidifier that is meant to be used in smaller places up to 30 square feet. Its dimensions measure 9.8 inches by 4.3 inches by 10 inches and it’s one of the lightest models on our list with only 5.49 pounds of weight.

It rocks an advanced Peltier module that can remove up to 400 milliliters of water per day, a fully detachable base, and a built-in UV lamp that helps fight germs & bacteria. Although it’s not as packed with automatic features, it does come supplied with the automated defrost and two switchable modes. 


  • Small and light
  • Fairly durable
  • Heat-sink technology
  • Packed with top-shelf Peltier module 



  • A modest selection of automatic features

Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier

Pro Breeze Dehumidifiers for Home,215sqft Small Dehumidifiers for Room,17oz Tank Portable Closet...

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Pro Breeze’s Peltier dehumidifier is a budget-friendly model that offers compact convenience and exceptional coverage, although it’s just a bit weaker and slower than some of its more expensive counterparts. 

It can be used for areas up to 150 square feet to remove up to nine oz of water per day, and its performance is optimized for most temperatures. One of the biggest benefits of this dehumidifier is that it consumes only 0.55 kilowatts daily, which makes it absolutely phenomenal for people on cash-strapped budgets.


  • Minimal electric energy consumption
  • Ideal for smaller and mid-sized rooms
  • Affordable 
  • Works at most temperatures


  • A tad slower than some budget dehumidifiers 


Peltier Dehumidifier Buying Guide

The Peltier effect has been utilized in numerous devices, although using it with dehumidifying gadgets is still pretty fresh for the market, which obviously means that you won’t exactly have hundreds of models to pick and choose from. Even so, there are a couple of things to take into consideration if you want to get the most value for your buck.

First and foremost, Peltier dehumidifiers are normally whisper-quiet. Converting thermal energy is obviously much quieter than converting aquatic energy, so the first clear sign that you’ve found a quality Peltier dehumidifier is precisely this.

Secondly, Peltier dehumidifiers are generally more reliable than other types of their kind. Even the least expensive models are pretty sturdy and more importantly, they are also quite easy to use and program.

The main drawback of Peltier humidifiers is that they’re normally not as fast as water-based models. They are typically capable of dehumidifying smaller areas and excel at purifying mid-sized rooms; there aren’t many models that are suitable for larger spaces. 

Another thing to keep in mind is the size of Peltier dehumidifiers. They are generally very compact and portable, especially budget models. You can always guess the level of strength a dehumidifier possesses by its size – bigger models offer a broader coverage range and are suitable for larger areas, and vice versa.

Aside from portability, Peltier dehumidifiers are also minimally demanding in terms of maintenance. They are equipped with immovable built-in parts that are both durable and long-lasting. 

Another thing to consider is the fact that dehumidifiers that utilize the Peltier effect aren’t suitable for use in extremely hot or cold temperatures while water-based units are a bit more flexible. Finally, you’ll probably be thrilled to hear that Peltier dehumidifiers aren’t exactly expensive. You should still determine a budget before searching for one.


Frequently Asked Questions


What are Peltier dehumidifiers?

Essentially, the ‘Peltier effect’ refers to thermoelectric conversion (converting temperature shifts into energy), and the devices that rely on this type of technology are commonly called ‘Peltier’ devices. The same applies for dehumidifiers – they use differences between temperatures in any given area to dehumidify the area.

What are Peltier dehumidifiers good for?

They’re portable, inexpensive, whisper-quiet, and fairly portable, so they’re an excellent choice for pretty much any scenario. They will not work under extremely hot or cold temperatures, though.

Are water-based or Peltier dehumidifiers faster?

Water-based models are stronger and can absorb far more moisture in comparison to Peltier devices. However, Peltier dehumidifiers are more reliable and require substantially less maintenance, which compensates for this particular shortcoming to a certain extent.