Best Hygrometer For Incubator/Hatching Eggs

Eggs Hatching

In order to obtain the best results when using an incubator, you should closely monitor the temperature and humidity levels inside an incubator.


The values differ, of course, depending on what you have inside the incubator, but, no matter how you put it, you need to know what is going on in there at all times.

A proper hygrometer will ease the load of such a task, so here are some of the best hygrometers for incubators you can use.

Quick Comparison Chart


Sensor Probe
KEYNICE Digital Hygrometer


Neoteck 2 in 1 Hygrometer Thermometer
ETHMEAS Digital Hygrometer
Qooltek Mini Digital Hygrometer

Top Incubator Hygrometers Reviews

KEYNICE Digital Hygrometer


If you’re looking for a versatile hygrometer, you can easily opt for this product. It will work just as well on indoors and outdoors as well. So, when you don’t need it for the incubator, you can use the hygrometer to measure the humidity inside your home or outside.

Besides displaying the humidity value, this device will also show the temperature of the air as well. With one single product, you will cover two important aspects when it comes to hatching eggs and environmental conditions as well.

It features a retractable stand that makes it suitable to be placed on flat surfaces, but also a wall-mounting possibility. It works on batteries, so cords and cables are not required. This makes the device versatile and easy to place anywhere, including in a hatcher.

It will be more than capable of displaying humidity levels ranging between 20% and 99%, so you will always keep things in control.

You can even set alarms on an hourly or everyday basis, depending on your preferences. This way, you will never forget to read the hygrometer or have the possibility to make adjustments to the conditions offered by the incubator.

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IncuTherm+ – Top Pick


Are you looking for a hygrometer that was made to fit with your incubator? Then this particular model has all the chances to suit your needs.

It comes equipped with a remote sensor, which makes it easy to use. You don’t have to place the entire device in the breeding machine.

Just place the sensor inside and you will be able to read the values of temperature and humidity at all times. This way, the device will be in an area where it is easy to read and check whenever you want.

You will never have to wonder or guess how the environment inside the incubator really is.

The device can even record the minimum and maximum values of both humidity and temperature and store them in its memory. So, you can check them by simply pressing a button.

Considering that it is a rather small device, the display is more than generous and numbers can be seen clearly. The package will also contain the batteries needed to operate the device.

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Neoteck 2 in 1 Hygrometer/Thermometer


It is very easy to know the air’s temperature and humidity levels with this device. It can be operated inside and outside as well, so the device is quite versatile.

Its slim design and reduced size make it appropriate for incubators at the same time. If you consider that it is what you need, you could easily place this device inside your incubator and make sure everything is in the desired ranges.

It also provides a clock function, so you will know what the time is. In case you keep a log where you record all the stages that take place inside the hatching machine, writing down the time and date each time you record information can be extremely useful.

Temperature can be displayed in Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees as well, while humidity levels can range between 10 and 99%, with an error of up to 5%. The device can be set and operated with the help of buttons and the large display will be easy to read at all times. It works on batteries and it can be mounted on a wall or placed on a flat surface, depending on how you prefer.

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ETHMEAS Digital Hygrometer – Budget Pick


For those looking for a compact, small, and easy to read hygrometer, this option may be the best you can find. The device itself is very small, which makes it highly applicable in a wide range of situations.

At the same time, the display is rather large, compared to the size of the hygrometer, so you will have no issues reading it whenever you feel like it.

The hygrometer will display both the air’s humidity and temperature. The error rate in the case of temperature is 1 degree more or less, while in the case of humidity can go up to 5%. The device even offers suction cups adequate for mounting the probes.

You can place it wherever you may need it, as the hygrometer has a retractable stand for placing it on flat surfaces, a powerful magnet for metal surfaces, and a spring-operated retractable clip, which allows you to mount it on various edges.

Just find the ideal spot for the device and it will immediately start doing its job.

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Qooltek Mini Digital Hygrometer


A small, compact, and versatile device, this hygrometer can be easily used inside incubators and other small compartments, such as a car, terrarium, cigar box, and so on.

Because it works on batteries, you don’t have to worry about cords or cables. Just place it where you need it and let it do its job.

The large display, compared to the actual size of the device, which is 1.89 inches long and 1.1 inches in height, will allow you to read it with ease.

It can measure temperature ranging between 40 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity levels ranging between 10 and 95%. The error range is 1 degree for temperature and up to 5% for humidity.

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Final word

As you can see, it is not impossible to find an adequate hygrometer for your incubator.

Whether you want a versatile device that can be used for various purposes or something that is made to fit your incubator in the best way possible, both options are available.

You just need to find the best product in your case. For this, you need to know how you plan to use the device.

If you already have a device measuring the temperature and humidity inside your home, maybe you just need one dedicated for hatching eggs. Any of the previously mentioned models will fit in this case.