[Top 5 Picks of 2020] Best Hygrometer For Hermit Crabs

Hermit crabs rely on the environment to regulate their body temperature because they are cold-blooded. Ideally, you would want to maintain their habitat temperature at 78 degrees F and their humidity at 80%..

When the temperature of the Hermit crabs is properly regulated, they stay active throughout the day. When the humidity and temperature are right, the hermit crabs will burrow, dig and climb more effectively. 

You have to get the habitat right from the start because it means the difference between life and death. Hermit crabs have modified gills that require moist air throughout.

When the humidity falls to a point below 70%, they start suffocating slowly and the gills dry out.

Top 5 Hygrometers for Hermit Crabs

To maintain the humidity at the correct level, you will need a hygrometer. Here is a list of the best hygrometers in the market today.

1. Govee H5051 Thermometer Hygrometer 


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The Govee WiFi Thermometer Hygrometer is a great tool for your hermit crabs. One of the things that differentiate it from the crowd is the hygrometer/thermometer combination.

The product is powered by two batteries, which can last for 6 months. The device is available in two variants – Bluetooth (4.0) and WiFi (2.4GHz) version. WiFi is ideal for setting up in large spaces or in many places. 

It is also available with mounting brackets and adhesive tape at the back. You just need to stick it at the desired location and you will monitor the humidity of your hermit crabs. The hygrometer’s mounting brackets are detachable, so you will have the option of placing the device in many places.

Speaking of the display, it is durable and easier to read. The numbers and the necessary information are big enough to allow easier reading.

Besides, the smartphone app has all the functions you need to monitor the various variables through your mobile device.

The application is properly made, easier to navigate and offers historical data that you can export to a spreadsheet. Alternatively, you can set alerts to know when the readings are outside your set limit. 

  • Good design
  • Has temperature and humidity
  • Batteries included
  • Targeted towards homeowners

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2. ThermoPro TP55 Digital Hygrometer 


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ThermoPoTP55 is among the stylish devices that measure humidity accurately and respond quickly to the changes. The device runs on two batteries that you have to replace every six months.

It also features 4 inch LCD that is easy to read from any direction and it is visible, including from a long distance. ThermoPro integrated a touchscreen to allow control of its functionality.

The temperature scale switch is in Celsius and Fahrenheit. And because the screen is backlit, you can access the data at any time of the day.

The historical data offers two modes – 24-house high/low humidity and all-time high/low humidity. The data will be helpful when you need to know the condition of the environment during the day.

Moreover, the humidity level icons will show if the humidity levels are very low, comfortable or high.

ThermoPro TP55 displays humidity and temperature trends, important for thermostat and humidifier changes. You can mount it on the wall or use the offered magnet for mounting. 

  • Big display
  • Min/max data in addition to high and low reading
  • Good price
  • Not so accurate below the 20 percent humidity level

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3. AcuRite 00613A1 Indoor Humidity Monitor


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Acurite 00613A1 Indoor Humidity Monitor is another suitable hygrometer for your hermit crabs. The little gadget provides a lot of information that you can use to know the comfort level of your hermit crabs.

It will display the current temperature and humidity levels in addition to the highest and lowest values of the day.

Compared to other hygrometers in the market, this device is quite small and compact. It measures 2.4 inches by 1.3 inches by 3.1inches.

That means it will take up much of the needed space. And for easier mounting, the producer offers a folding stand and magnetic back, 

When it comes to accuracy, the model is slightly off by 5% depending on where you place it or how you handle it.

If accuracy is of most importance to you, the AcuRite 00623A1 Indoor Humidity Monitor might not be the best choice. But if you do not need to know the exact current humidity, the device is worth buying. 

  • Accurate thermometer
  • Daily highs and lows
  • Small and compact
  • Not accurate

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4. Extech 445815 with Alarm and Remote Probe


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Extech 445815 with Alarm and Remote Probe boasts a triple display for relative humidity, temperature and dew point.

You can set the audible and visual alerts to receive notifications when the humidity level exceeds your preset point. To program the humidity alarm, you just need to push the buttons situated on the sides several times.

After the programming is complete, an icon appears on the display showing that the process is complete.  If you hate disturbances, you can deactivate the flashing light and the beeper with the help of the switch situated at the back. 

The hygrometer can display the dew point. It displays the maximum and minimum values for humidity, temperature and dew point.

By pushing its bottom button, you will clear the memory and force the meter to record new high and low values.

You can detach the unique sensor probe to monitor humidity and temperature remotely. The three feet cable is foldable and you can store it in its case after attaching the probe.

  • Accurate
  • Offers a probe for remote humidity measurements
  • Measures temperature
  • Offers alarm
  • Expensive

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5. Acurite 00326 Home Comfort Monitor


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Acurite 00326 Home Comfort Monitor offers a cheap, easy and faster way of monitoring humidity in many places including cellars, basements, and bedrooms.

You can also use it to ensure that your hermit crabs are living happily. Like the AcuRite 00613A1, the instrument measures current temperature, humidity in addition to the highest and lowest points witnessed during the day.

The humidity lacks precise accuracy – it is prone to a 3-4% error when recording the humidity. If you are a geeky weather enthusiast, it might not satisfy your needs but it will work well for the humidity monitoring of your hermit crabs.

It boasts a convenient house icon along with trending arrows to report the temperature and humidity level changes during the day. The temperature section has a similar readout but a simpler layout.

The build of this unit feels solid and numbers on the LCD are big to allow easier reading. You can read the data from various directions and angles and the large magnet situated on the backside allows you to stick it on a metallic wall. The monitor is small and among the best bets.

  • Strong magnet for mounting
  • Accurate data
  • Big readable  screen
  • The 24 min/max is not a true rolling value

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Even though hermit crabs are fascinating little pets, they will need specific living conditions to thrive. They breathe through modified gills that require the air to stay moist all the time.

So, you should work to maintain a humidity level between 70% and 80 percent. To maintain the humidity, you can use several methods such as the addition of moisture to the enclosed habitat and preventing fast evaporation.

The above hygrometers for hermit crabs habitats will help you maintain a proper temperature.