Hi! I am George and I would like to welcome you to my blog.

Why I have chosen to create a blog about humidity and how to control it? I’ve experienced increased humidity in most of the places where I lived throughout my life and I’ve heard many people complain about it as well.

Humidity may not be seen or felt too much, but it can cause serious health problems in time. It can be the reason behind allergies and numerous respiratory problems. So, because I had trouble finding sufficient information on this matter, I decided to create a blog that will provide as many solutions as possible to anyone dealing with high humidity.

How do I come up with all the information provided by my articles? That’s a rather simple answer. I do my research and test the products I write about. I want to make sure that everything I write about has a solid research base and arguments, as humidity is nothing to joke about.

All the information comes from a person that felt the negative impact of humidity on his health. Yes, I went through a rather long period dealing with breathing problems and allergies, not knowing what is causing such issues.

Humid air is the ideal breathing ground for allergens and bacteria, especially inside a home where there is warmth as well. Believe it or not, humid air can trigger a series of symptoms that may appear to be common. Fatigue, for instance, or muscle cramps, are two problems generated by prolonged exposure to high air humidity.

What’s the connection between these two issues and high humidity? In conditions of humidity, the body has issues cooling down and adjust its internal temperature. Thus, in its constant attempt to maintain a comfortable inner temperature, sweat is produced and the muscles are stressed. So, you may be experiencing dehydration and muscle cramps, in particular in your legs. 

More obvious problems caused by high humidity are related to breathing and allergic episodes. Even the common cold can be a health problem produced by moist air within your home.

The viruses responsible for it never go away when they find moist and warm spots to hide. So, all they do is wait for your organism to be weak enough so that they can get installed. Besides the common cold, humid houses can also increase the chances of getting ill due to the influenza virus and the respiratory syncytial virus.

Not to mention that allergies are quite common among those living in humid environments. Children, in particular, are more exposed to developing allergies of the respiratory system, such as asthma. Unfortunately, asthma has no cure, requiring symptomatic treatment for the rest of the patient’s life.

Skin issues are another type of health problem caused by too much humidity inside a home. Just like in the case of viruses causing respiratory problems, bacteria responsible for skin issues also enjoy living in humid conditions.

Once they multiply too much and start affecting your skin, their presence will be visible. Blisters, rashes, discoloration or sloughing of your skin can all be symptoms of skin problems triggered by high humidity. So, if you ask me, there are more than enough reasons to take care of high humidity right away.

How to get rid of high humidity and enjoy better conditions in your home? This is one of the main purposes of my blog, giving you the chance to find the best solution that will remove high humidity from your indoor space.

I will not just provide detailed reviews of the best available dehumidifiers, but I will also do my best to offer guidance in diminishing humidity from a variety of environments. Whether we are talking about the basement, bathroom, or any other part of the house, creating a balanced environment is extremely important for your health.

Don’t assume that if you don’t live in the basement, the humidity in this part of the house doesn’t need any kind of management. Humidity in the basement means a source of mold for the rest of the house and cold walls or floors.

While it is true that you keep the basement door closed, mold spores are airborne, so one visit to the basement can carry mold to other rooms of the house. Besides this, everything you will store in a humid basement will get damaged, either by corrosion, rust, or mold. So, if there is high humidity in any part of the house, even if it’s not such a used room, you need to manage it properly.

It is important to act quickly before this improper humidity level creates a health issue. Once the victim of an allergy, you will have to deal with it for the rest of your life.

Also, if you get a respiratory problem or skin condition, you’ll be left with sensitivity in this area as well. Children and elders are even more sensitive to high humidity, as their organisms are more fragile and vulnerable.

Don’t risk your health and wellbeing or the health and wellbeing of those you love when you can get rid of humidity fast and convenient. You can use effective dehumidifiers and adopt a set of practices that will reduce indoor humidity and promote a healthier living environment. 

You will learn everything you need to know about indoor dehumidifiers and how to handle high air humidity within my blog posts.

I will do my best to be specific and explicit each time I write a post, so you can get the most of it and remove this nuisance from your home for good. I know what you’re going through because

I’ve been there myself. This is why it’s easy to find a friend in me, knowing that all these posts are written by someone that understands the situation. My recommendation is not to disregard your living conditions and improve as much as you can.

You will immediately feel an increased level of comfort, both at night and during the day, and you’ll certainly diminish the risks of getting ill.

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