13 Signs Your House Is Infested

Photo by New Africa from shutterstock.com

Now and then, infestation happens to our house and when it strikes us, the whole process of getting rid of them is overwhelming. And by the time we realize what’s happening it’s probably already too late.

But, sometimes, even if we don’t see them running around the house, it doesn’t mean the pests aren’t there. Here are a few signs that you can tell when your house has been infested and it’s time to call the experts.

1. Weird odors

If you sense some weird odors in places like the kitchen or your basement then that’s the first sign. Pests live behind disgusting smells. Mice, for example, leave urine odors behind, rats smell like ammonia and roaches have an interesting one, some called it ”fecal soy sauce”.

2. Droppings

Finding feces is a clear sign of infestation. Make sure you clean the area entirely and that you find out what creature it came from.

3. A lot of spiders start to appear in your house

Spiders love to feed on insects so if you start noticing a bunch of them hanging around lately then there’s a chance you’re infested. If you don’t see the insects, it doesn’t mean they aren’t there, it means the spiders are just keeping things under control.

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