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6 Amazing and Affordable Home Organizers

Our household can easily get pretty messy and that’s okay. Some of us don’t have the time and energy for organizing everything top-bottom. Well, thank God we live in modern times, and we can easily fix that with the most inventive home organizers which not only help us declutter, but also give an amazing look to our homes.… Read the rest

12 DON’Ts In Christmas Tree Care

They may be pretty, and the number one symbol of the Christmas spirit. They may bring us great joy and gather the family together on Christmas Eve. They may be all those things, but also taking care of a Christmas tree takes more effort than you might think.… Read the rest

7 Things You Should Know Before Hiring An Interior Designer

Designing the interior of your house can be a difficult job sometimes, finding the perfect furniture and colors, matching different and styles and searching for the right pieces to match both your home and your vision. That’s why sometimes hiring an interior designer can be the right choice, but there are some aspects you should know before hiring one to decorate your own sanctuary.… Read the rest

Best Kitchen Design of the Week (Before and After)

When it comes to inspiration, everything that surrounds us can contribute. That’s how trends are working, based on a community of people with the same interests in a certain domain or subject. But it’s not enough just to be part of a community, no, that’s not the most important thing.… Read the rest

10 Worst Decorating Mistakes You Could Possibly Make

Picture this: you just bought a wonderful new house, but it’s completely empty and it’s waiting for you to unleash the captured designer inside of you. But by the end of it, you’re scratching your head, wondering why the decor in your house makes you feel slightly underwhelmed.… Read the rest

11 Kitchen Design Trends That Won’t Date in a Hurry

Interior design trends are never permanent, every few months something new comes on the market and we are ready to redecorate again in order to keep up with what’s new. The truth is: it’s also VERY expensive and while trying to keep our home fashionable and modern, we are also emptying our pockets, which is not always the best option.… Read the rest

10 Things That Make Your Home Look Outdated

We all love spending hours and hours on the Internet looking at beautiful houses, nicely decorated with expensive designer furniture. The details, the colors and the nice ambiance attract us. We are in complete awe when we look at these thinking: ”Oh I wish that was my house”.… Read the rest

20 Home Decor Items You Shouldn’t Own Over 30

Decorating your house is the most important and maybe the most fulfilling aspect about having a home. We are aware of how bad you want your house to look like those ones from the internet or from interior design magazines. You want a new more mature look, maybe something classic and delicate.… Read the rest