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10 Things That Make Your Home Look Outdated

We all love spending hours and hours on the Internet looking at beautiful houses, nicely decorated with expensive designer furniture. The details, the colors and the nice ambiance attract us. We are in complete awe when we look at these thinking: ”Oh I wish that was my house”.… Read the rest

20 Home Decor Items You Shouldn’t Own Over 30

Decorating your house is the most important and maybe the most fulfilling aspect about having a home. We are aware of how bad you want your house to look like those ones from the internet or from interior design magazines. You want a new more mature look, maybe something classic and delicate.… Read the rest

10 Small Kitchen Ideas So You Don’t Feel Claustrophobic

For some people, their kitchen is their sanctuary. It’s the place where several mouth watering flavors and smells meet, where you can be the greatest chef and where you can relax by preparing even the most exquisite of meals. Which is why it’s important to decorate it in a manner that you feel is comfortable and brings you the most joy.… Read the rest