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7 Worst Living Room Decorating Mistakes You Could Make

Are you ready to make the most of your living room? I often find myself browsing interior decoration catalogs because I enjoy seeing picture perfect room interior designs, and wishing that mine would look the same. But when it comes to redecorating the place you live in, it’s easier said than done.… Read the rest

These 5 Mistakes Will Make Your Bathroom Look Cheap

A beautiful, well-organized, and spacious bathroom can be described as a piece of heaven on Earth. It sounds cheesy, but it’s actually life-changing. The ideal bathroom should be visually appealing while also serving a functional purpose: ample storage space for bath and skincare products and towels, lighting that meets all of your bathroom needs, and finishes that are resistant to steamy and humid environments.… Read the rest

Want to Redecorate? Buying These 6 Items Will Be a Mistake

…Have you ever bought a home decor item and wished you could turn back time and leave that item in the store? We all want to have the most beautiful and good-looking homes possible, but sometimes, we make a few mistakes, and we end up buying things we like at the moment but then feel utterly disappointed in our choices.… Read the rest
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6 Photos That Will Make You Eager to Paint Your Floors

Did you know that the floors are oftentimes called the sixth wall? And that’s not just because you can paint them! But rather, because they are an integral part of how you decorate your rooms, how you think about your layout, and indeed, painted floors can end up being an important part of revamping the room to fit your personal tastes!… Read the rest
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10 Home Decor Trends That Aren’t Good Investments

When it comes to decorating, it can be hard because we don’t know exactly what the trends are and what we are supposed to buy in order to improve the look of our homes. From word art to floral furniture, there are plenty of “trends” that should really remain in the past for good.… Read the rest
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8 Home Features Interior Designers Say Are Totally Outdated

As human beings, we have always tried to search for good combinations that give us some sort of positivity. There is no exception when it comes to interior design. Most of us believe that if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it, but there are times when you have to admit that leaving things the same way for years isn’t a good idea.… Read the rest

10 Living Room Paint Colors That You’ll Love

Deciding on the next paint color for your living room is definitely a tough decision. After all, you’re probably going to spend most of your time in the living room – so it must be worth your while! Not to mention that you’ll also host guests at some point, so it must become the resistance piece in your home!… Read the rest

8 Decor Items No One Over 40 Should Have In Their Homes

…Have you ever noticed that the older we get, the more things we have? And that is not all, but we also have a weird attachment feeling toward all the things that we own. From your children’s toys to the clothing item you wore on your first date, it’s hard and sad to let go of your belongings, even though we might have forgotten about some of them.… Read the rest
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Top 10 Paint Colors For Your Bedroom

Since the bedroom is basically the heart of the house, the place where we can relax and destress after a long day at work, the color of the walls should be soothing but also bright. Colors always have an impact on your mood so you might want to pick them wisely.… Read the rest

6 Amazing and Affordable Home Organizers

Our household can easily get pretty messy and that’s okay. Some of us don’t have the time and energy for organizing everything top-bottom. Well, thank God we live in modern times, and we can easily fix that with the most inventive home organizers which not only help us declutter, but also give an amazing look to our homes.… Read the rest