Mold & Health

Do Clothes Get Mold Spores?

Mold spores are so tiny that they cannot be seen. This does not mean they are not present. There can be mold spores virtually everywhere in your home, including in your clothing. For the sake of your health and your possessions, it is important to know how to detect mold spores, what to do about mold, and how to prevent it.… Read the rest

Is Musty Smell Dangerous?

If your home has an unpleasant musty odor, dealing with it will become a critical part of home maintenance. A musty smell is dangerous because it indicates the presence of mold or mildew. We mostly associate mold with old houses, but it can become a problem even in your new apartment or house.… Read the rest

Can Your Body Grow Mold?

Most of us have seen mold before, whether it’s growing on old sandwich bread or gathered in the corners of the shower. Toss out the bread or srub up the shower, and all is well. Black mold in the home is a more serious problem.  … Read the rest

Can Mold Spores Live On Furniture?

  Most people know that humidity and moisture cause mold to grow. When it grows in your home, both you and your home area at risk. Mold destroys the surfaces in which it lives. It also spreads quickly from room to room, or from object to object.… Read the rest

How Do I Get Rid Of A Bad And Musty Smell In My House?

When you want your home to be nice for your family and guests, it needs to be clean and fresh. Nothing spoils the freshness quite like an unpleasant odor. To get rid of bad, musty smells, you must determine the cause and choose the solutions that will produce results.… Read the rest

Can Dehumidifiers Get Moldy?

Dehumidifiers do a world of good when it comes to keeping you comfortable indoors, especially if you live in a humid climate. Millions of people enjoy the benefits of dehumidifiers at home, whether it’s to make their houses more comfortable or to stave off moisture build up in the basement.… Read the rest

Can a Leaky Roof Cause Mold?

Can a leaky roof cause mold? In a word, yes. The problem with a leaky roof is that it introduces moisture to the inside of your home. This moisture gets into places that were never meant to be wet. This moisture also activates in mold spores that are in your home. You may not realize it, but there are a lot of mold spores all around you just waiting to come into contact with water so that they can activate.… Read the rest

Does A Humidifier Help With Allergies

Do you get itchy eyes and a runny nose when allergies flare up? Well, you should minimize the reactions by improving your indoor air quality. But if the allergies are exacerbated frequently, you should identify the specific triggers. Generally, dry air irritates the nasal passageways which may lead to increased mucus production.… Read the rest

Does A Humidifier Help With Snoring?

Snoring. Far too many of us suffer from that unfortunate affliction. It’s not only unpleasant for us but for anyone else who may share the same room with a person who snores, the effect is even more unpleasant. We’ve all tried the many “promised” cures for snoring.… Read the rest

What Does A Humidifier Do For A Cough?

At least once in our lives, we have all had a persistent cough that lingers on. It’s often worse at night when we lay down. A longtime aid in easing a cough is a humidifier. How a Humidifier Eases a Dry Cough When you get sick, the medication you take for clogged sinuses can dry out the membranes in your nose and throat.… Read the rest