Measure Humidity & Hygrometers

What Humidity And Temperature Should Guitars Be Kept At?

The level of humidity in a house that serves as a home to acoustic instruments must be a bit different from the level of humidity in a house that doesn’t. Guitars, mandolins, pianos, and other kinds of string instruments should be kept within a particular humidity level to preserve and protect the instrument.… Read the rest

What is the Ideal Humidity Level for a Crawl Space?

It is a must that you keep a close eye on your crawl space so that you can prevent expensive structural damages. So, what is the ideal humidity level for a crawl space? The ideal relative humidity should be kept at or below 50% and it has to be maintained all year round.… Read the rest

Best Hygrometer For Gun Safe – Genuine Reviews

A hygrometer is a type of device being installed in firearm storage safe to report and measure internal humidity levels at a specific point in time. It is not a secret that excessive humidity is among the biggest and most serious threats to safe storage not only of weapons but also other personal effects.… Read the rest

What Is An Acceptable Gun Safe Humidity Level

Humidity inside any kind of safe spells disaster. Tarnishing on jewelry pieces can happen, cash and documents will smell and get mildew, and weaponry can develop rusts on them. Photographs can also get damaged in a very bad way to the extent that they can no longer be repaired.… Read the rest

Is 65 Percent Humidity High?

65 percent humidity is considered high and the environment inside your house is going to be most comfortable when you maintain the humidity levels at around 30 to 50 percent.   The level of humidity inside your home is as equally important as the temperature.… Read the rest

Is 50 Percent Humidity High?

So, is 50 percent humidity considered high? 50 percent humidity level is not considered high at all. Your home will feel most comfortable when the levels of humidity are around 30% to 50%.  You need humidity for your overall health and comfort but too little or too much can cause numerous problems for homeowners.… Read the rest

Ideal Humidity Levels For Guitars/Musical Instruments

What is the ideal humidity level for guitars or other musical instruments? The optimal relative humidity levels for guitars is 45-55 percent, but if you are in the range of 40-60 is acceptable. The thin back, sides, and top of the semi-hollow body of acoustic guitars are the parts most prone to rapid changes in temperature and humidity.… Read the rest

What Should Indoor Humidity Be?

Keeping the right environment in your home is very essential. So, what should indoor humidity be? Generally, indoor humidity level that is between 30% and 50% is good but you also have to take in consideration the season. If not, today is the time to learn what level of humidity is ideal for you.… Read the rest

What Is An Ideal Humidity For a Basement

Moisture can be an invisible and dangerous threat not just to your family, but also to your house. So, you may ask what is an ideal humidity for a basement? You must keep a relative humidity level in your basement at 50% or lower.… Read the rest

Hygrometer – What Does It Measure

Hygrometer definition: hygrometers are weather instruments used to measure the level of humidity in the air also known as “relative humidity” or RH. Basically, there are 3 primary kinds of hygrometers. Digital, mechanical, and wet and dry bulb. What to Know about Humidity Humidity is the water vapor in the atmosphere that is caused by evaporation and condensation.… Read the rest