Low Humidity & Humidifiers

Does A Humidifier Help With Allergies

Do you get itchy eyes and a runny nose when allergies flare up? Well, you should minimize the reactions by improving your indoor air quality. But if the allergies are exacerbated frequently, you should identify the specific triggers. Generally, dry air irritates the nasal passageways which may lead to increased mucus production.… Read the rest

Does A Humidifier Help With Snoring?

Snoring. Far too many of us suffer from that unfortunate affliction. It’s not only unpleasant for us but for anyone else who may share the same room with a person who snores, the effect is even more unpleasant. We’ve all tried the many “promised” cures for snoring.… Read the rest

Does A Humidifier Eliminate Dust?

Humidifiers are widely known for helping people breathe easier. They add moisture to a room, which soothes the person’s irritated respiratory system. So, if it improves the air quality that way, one can assume that it cleans the air as well. An air purifier cleans indoor air, but it does nothing to affect humidity levels.… Read the rest

What Does A Humidifier Do For A Cough?

At least once in our lives, we have all had a persistent cough that lingers on. It’s often worse at night when we lay down. A longtime aid in easing a cough is a humidifier. How a Humidifier Eases a Dry Cough When you get sick, the medication you take for clogged sinuses can dry out the membranes in your nose and throat.… Read the rest

How To Humidify A Room Naturally

Most people use humidifiers to maintain the humidity level of their homes. But, it is possible to humidify a room naturally without the need to buy a humidifier. Keeping the humidity level in your house is important if you like to avoid itchy eyes, scratchy throat, ashy skin, chapped lips, and bloody noses.… Read the rest

Is A Warm Or A Cool Mist Humidifier Better For Sinuses?

For those who have sinus problems, it is a good idea to sleep with a cool mist humidifier in your room. It is recommended to use cool mist humidifiers for cold symptoms and sinus congestion. Warm mist humidifiers haven’t been shown to lessen symptoms and can result in burns.  Sinus pain may be agonizing.… Read the rest

Sleeping With A Humidifier On: Benefits And Risk

A humidifier is a machine that disperses water to the surrounding environment and moisturizes dry air as a result. This mist can either be warm or cool depending on the specific type of humidifier you are using. Benefits of Sleeping with a Humidifier On Here are the top benefits of letting your humidifier run while you sleep at night: 1.… Read the rest

Do Humidifiers Help With Dry Skin?

Your skin finds it more difficult to retain moisture as you get older. Harsh soaps, cold, heat, sun exposure, and frequent bathing all take toll on your skin. Epidermal cells that used to be plump will shrivel that can leave itchy, rough, and scaly patches on your legs, arms, back, and other parts of your body.… Read the rest