9 Ways to Clean Your House With Lemon

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Gorodenkoff From Shutterstock

2. Give the dishwasher a boost

Washing dishes was never an easy task, especially after a party with a lot of guests. That’s why some extra help for your dishwasher is more than welcome. For an extra cleaning boost in the washing cycle, fill one of the containers with a small cup of lemon juice and run the load as usual for awesome, clean and shiny plates.

This juice will contribute to removing the water spots from the glasses but also greasy areas from the plates. How cool is that?

3. Floor cleaner

Did you ever stop to think that lemon juice could be an effective floor cleaner? If you want to replace your basic cleaning products with a much more budget-friendly alternative, then you got it. Mix the lemon juice with 2 parts water and 1 part vinegar to create a paste and apply it with a piece of soft cloth.

No need to worry about the vinegar smell because it will fade away quickly! This mixture functions as both a disinfectant and a cleaner, and it’s perfect for families with kids and pets because it’s absolutely free of chemicals and will work like a magic wand for your floor. If you want to spend less time on floor cleaning, lemon juice is the best solution.

TIP: Did you know that if you place the uncut lemon on the countertop and slowly roll it under your palm, it will help you get the most out of its juice?

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