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In a subject like the one above, pictures are key to providing an understanding. Jonohttps://humiditycheck.comjonogallagher23@yahoo.comFeedbackYou want feedback? I didn’t sign up to get emails from you. Instead you bought my email address from someone and started spamming me. My feedback is to not be an asshole and don’t buy people’s data. And then also don’t have a contact us form that says you can’t respond to every inquiry personally. Wtf is the point of a contact us form if you don’t intend to respond personally? You’re business is broken and I hope my feedback can help you fix it. And if you don’t fix it then I hope you go out of business. I don’t give a shit about any jobs you provide. I don’t know why anyone would work for your company anyway given how you currently run your business. Please fix it. A person https://humiditycheck.comsomehwhere@yahoo.comY’all are terrible Shame on your company for subscribing people to your unwanted emails. 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Do you accept display advertising on https://humiditycheck.com/? If yes, how can we get in touch with the person responsible for display advertising collaborations? Thank you . Kind regards, Mary Walker Monetization Specialist mwalker@themoneytizer.us https://us.themoneytizer.com/ ☎ +33(0)1 40 96 96 19 Paris | New York | Rio de Janeiro | Madrid | Milan William J Murphyhttps://humiditycheck.combillmurf@comcast.netaaDerek Capohttps://humiditycheck.comderekc@starquix.comA quick question for youHi There I was just going through a few sites and blogs yesterday and came across your site. [ https://humiditycheck.com/] Let me tell you about us. My name is Derek Capo, I am a business analyzer and digital marketing expert and I am working for StarQuix.com. We provide customized branded products ranging from Awards to Clothing to Zipper Pulls and absolutely everything in between. I really liked the way you presented your site. 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