How To Disinfect A Humidifier [GUIDE]

A humidifier combats the chilly temperatures that make your home unbearably dry. It emits cool vapor to prevent respiratory infections, chapped lips, and dry skin. When this appliance is not cleaned well, it can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Dirty humidifiers are problematic as they make users susceptible to allergies and asthma.… Read the rest

How To Clean And Descale A Humidifier

Like any machine or unit, humidifiers also require regular disinfection and basic maintenance to perform at its best. Luckily, it is easy to descale a humidifier. The process is simple and fast and it may get easier with frequent upkeep. ย If youโ€™re living in an area where winter season is dry and cold, investing in humidifiers for your house is one of the best moves you could make for indoor air quality and your health.… Read the rest

Does Humidifiers Damage Electronics?

According to experts, it takes a high level of humidity to cause any damage to electronics like computers. Therefore, humidifiers wonโ€™t damage your electronics once you know how to use them properly. For many people, electronics and appliances mean everything to them.… Read the rest

Does High Humidity Attract Bugs?

Levels of humidity above 70 percent relative humidity are considered as very high and they draw in pests and can result in problems like mold buildup. If you have a humidistat, you will be able to know when the humidity in your place is higher than 70 percent.… Read the rest

Does Dehumidifier Placement Matter?

The perfect place for your dehumidifier is the source of your humidity concern. This can be in your kitchen, bathroom, basement or laundry room. If you like to know where in your basement you like to keep, you should locate your dehumidifier centrally where it may draw air and access to utilities.… Read the rest

Does A Dehumidifier Make Noise?

All dehumidifiers exhaust and intake air. The produced noise when air comes to the dehumidifier or exhausted out of the unit, aside from the compressor noise, is the major culprits responsible for the noise of dehumidifier. To know whether any certain dehumidifier must be considered to be loud or quiet, there are various output tests.… Read the rest

Does A Dehumidifier Help To Dry Clothes?

Dehumidifiers combat the additional moisture in the air that will prevent any damp or mold buildup in your home. However, combating extra moisture, dehumidifiers can also draw wetness from clothes, making them dry in a quick manner. Is Dehumidifier Good to Dry Clothes?… Read the rest

Humidify A Room With A Bowl Of Water

During the cold winter months, the air in your home can get pretty dry. This can lead to itchy eyes, parched throat, chapped lips, and a stuffed nose. The obvious solution is to run a humidifier to increase moisture levels. But these units run on electricity and can sometimes get very pricey.… Read the rest

Can You Drink Water From A Dehumidifier?

When you begin to notice a damp, mildew-smelling odor in your home, you most likely need a dehumidifier. These machines are able to pull the moisture from the air. This moisture is then collected in a bucket inserted inside of the unit.… Read the rest

Do A Fan And A Dehumidifier Get Rid Of Mold?

Dehumidifiers have become more and more popular for the past few years. These useful appliances help get rid of excess moisture in your home while keeping your prized possessions damage-free. Dehumidifiers can indeed make your home feel more livable and comfortable.… Read the rest