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How Long Should A Dehumidifier Run Per Day?

So, how long should a dehumidifier run per day? You can safely run your dehumidifier for 12 hours a day. If it is working correctly it should extract the moisture to around 50% to 55% RH. Most of you already know what dehumidifiers are, yet in case there is any confusion when it comes to functionality, the main goal of a dehumidifier is to get rid of the excess moisture and reduce the RH or relative humidity in your space.… Read the rest

Use of a Dehumidifier in Summer

Feeling sticky and hot during summer is definitely a familiar feeling. While you cannot change oppressive air outdoors, it is a different story in your home. Use a dehumidifier in the summer time if you want to eliminate water vapors from the air in order to control humidity.… Read the rest

High Humidity In House Health Problems

But, how much is too much humidity? Well, experts agree that the optimal RH level for comfort and to avoid health effects is between thirty and fifty percent. So, high humidity in your house can cause health problems, sleep discomfort, mold to grow, harmful bacteria to spread and also some damage to your home.… Read the rest

What Are The Side Effects of Using a Dehumidifier

More often than not, when someone decides to buy a dehumidifier for his or her home, it is usually they like to experience the perks that such units offer. As most of you know, dehumidifiers can get rid of excess humidity in any space, which reduces water and mold damage.… Read the rest

Using a Dehumidifier in Winter

Do you use dehumidifiers during the winter season? Most people like the thought of asking questions and then getting straight answers that work for everybody. But, this isn’t the case in terms of answering particular questions. There are times that dehumidifiers can be a necessity in winter and there are times that it’s pointless to use it.… Read the rest

Low Humidity Symptoms

High humidity cause both mold colonies and dust mite populations to grow, thereby greatly increasing the total allergen load of allergy sufferers. So, you may ask what are the low humidity symptoms? Symptoms of low humidity are itchy and dry skin, sore eyes, dry throat, stuffy nose, vulnerability to infections and colds, and damage to wood furniture.… Read the rest

Why Is My Dehumidifier Freezing Up. Top Causes

If you are living in a place with relatively higher humidity, nothing is more frustrating than finding out that your dehumidifier has freezing up on it and is no longer working. So, what causes a dehumidifier to freeze up? There are two main factors that can make your dehumidifier to freeze, and these are room temperature and flow of air.… Read the rest

When To Use A Dehumidifier: In Winter Or Summer

You may feel like using the dehumidifier during a certain season then store it away in other seasons is a good idea. So, the question everybody asked me is when to use a dehumidifier, winter or summer? A dehumidifier should be used both in summer and winter if the levels of humidity are high.… Read the rest

Is 70 Percent Humidity High

Controlling your home’s humidity level can greatly influence the overall comfort you experience and it can also help you reduce maintenance and save on your energy expenses. 70 percent humidity is considered high and your home is going to be most comfortable when you maintain the humidity levels at around 30 to 50 percent. … Read the rest

Benefits Of Using A Dehumidifier In Winter

Fall season means that homeowners would soon be cranking their furnaces up as well as running their space heaters to make their houses more comfortable to live in. However, space heating accounts for around forty-five percent of the energy bills, yet such extra costs are frequently accompanied by lots of dry air.… Read the rest