Why Is The Humidity So High In My House

It is essential to maintain the air clean and in good parameters in your workplace and home to keep you healthy and comfortable. So why is the humidity so high in my house? In a few words, the humidity is high in your house because the moisture inside cannot get out.  … Read the rest

Will A Dehumidifier Prevent Mold

Can you prevent mold buildup by using a dehumidifier? A dehumidifier will not kill mold although it can prevent it by lowering humidity in your house.  If there is a faulty appliance or your roof has a leak, you fix the issue from the very source.… Read the rest

Are Dehumidifiers Expensive to Run?

These appliances have a lot of benefits by lowering the condensation and mold buildup in your home. Of course, when using them, more electricity is required. So, how much electricity does a dehumidifier use?  This will mainly depend on the specific model you choose yet you can expect that getting one will help you save more money in the long run.… Read the rest

Are Dehumidifiers Good Or Bad For Basements

  A basement is a bit different from other areas of your home. The reason behind it is that it’s surrounded by the soil in most cases, which means there’s also a high level of moisture. For this reason, the levels of humidity in your basement can be a source of mold and foul odors once you did not take action. My Pick Compact and Efficient Dehumidifier Control and remove high humidity inside your house.… Read the rest