7 Cleaning Myths That Make Your Home Dirtier

air freshener
Photo by New Africa from Shutterstock

3. “Air freshener helps clean the air.”

Though your room may smell nice after you spray it, you’re actually only perfuming it rather than cleaning it.

“Most air fresheners, whether in spray, aerosol, candle, plug-in or solid form, only mask odors with a fresh scent. After the scent disappears, the malodor can return”, Forté explained.

Moreover, a University of Washington study discovered that eight widely used US air fresheners emitted an average of 18 chemicals into the air. Also, one in five of these compounds were toxic substances identified in federal and certain state pollution standards.

A much better and safer method to clean the indoor air is to buy an air-purifying plant, like African violets or gardenias.

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