7 Cleaning Myths That Make Your Home Dirtier

feather dust
Photo by TheCorgi from Shutterstock

2. “Feather dusters remove dust.”

Sorry to disappoint you, but the feather duster isn’t an effective tool for getting rid of dust. No matter what you have been told, it is far from helpful.

By using a feather duster, you’ll only end up spreading dust from one surface to another. Instead, you can more successfully trap dust using a microfiber duster, a soft cloth lightly dampened with a furniture dusting spray, or an electrostatic duster, which attracts dust like a magnet.

TVs, computers, printers, and speakers are known to collect a lot of dust. Cleaning your devices with a microfiber cloth usually solves the problem, while a long-handled microfiber duster will catch dust from crevices. Don’t forget to unplug them before cleaning.

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