29 Surprising Tips on Tidying Up Your House

Photo by Rozhnovskaya Tanya from Shutterstock

Dedicated hampers for every person in the house

One hamper might not be enough, or you might end up having 3 laundry days instead of just one. That’s why we recommend that each person should have their own hamper, and maybe if you’re feeling generous, add an extra one just for linens.

Start a wash cycle the minute you get home

We’re not saying you shouldn’t take a minute to breathe, but you’ll be more organized this way. If you start a wash cycle first thing after you arrive home from work, you’ll have plenty of time after that to dry and fold everything.

Clean your shower after each use

By cleaning your shower every time you use it, you’ll prevent shower grime. Give it a light mist of daily shower cleaner after each use and you’ll have a pleasant feeling every time you’re using your bathroom.

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