20 Home Decor Items You Shouldn’t Own Over 30

Photo by Liudmila Fadzeyeva from shutterstock.com

2. Let Go of The Macramé And Big Plastic Plants

It may seem like a good idea for your house, but in reality, it gives your home an old look. It was a trend many many years ago, however, it is not the case nowadays.

Also, just like we mentioned before plastic decorative items are not a good choice and those are attracting lots of dust.

These remind people of a bank’s interior or the doctor’s office and you don’t want your place of relaxation and comfort to look like that.

They are tacky and aren’t a good choice for your home. Try growing real plants, it’s entertaining and they look much more beautiful than the fake ones plus they’re great for the air in your home.

Next, the only bag you should have is the one for your trash…..

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