11 Surprising Items You Shouldn’t Keep in The Bathroom

Photo by Pixel-Shot From Shutterstock

5. Dirty laundry

Of course, the most common place to store dirty laundry is the bathroom, but is this really the best way to do it? Actually no. Laundry should be kept in your bedroom, or in any other room where there is no humidity.

6. Razor blades

Especially the unused ones, razor blades should be kept somewhere else because the humidity and the heat can make them rust. Don’t forget to let it dry before you store it in another place.
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7. Jewelry

If metals were to have an allergy, then it would be humidity for sure. That awesome necklace you bought last month might be better kept in a dresser or vanity table. Silver is usually affected the most when it is stored in a hot and warm place because a humid environment will speed up the oxidation process. If you don’t have a closet in your bathroom an airtight bag works pretty well too.