11 Surprising Items You Shouldn’t Keep in The Bathroom

Photo by OlegRi From Shutterstock

3. Towels and bathrobes

Weird right? We are sure that you’re keeping these items in your bathroom, but you should know that it’s not the best idea. Why? Because the humidity breeds bacteria and mildew and your towels might develop a nasty smell. Instead, you can let them dry on your balcony.

4. Toothbrush

Another ironic item that you should not keep in your bathroom is… your toothbrush! Yes, it’s true! Why? Because weirdly enough an item that is used for cleaning is actually pretty dirty. A recent study shows that toothbrushes contain millions of bacteria that get sprayed in the air whenever you flush the toilet. Make sure to keep the toothbrush clean every time you use it, and it might be better to store it in the closet.