10 Home Decor Trends That Aren’t Good Investments

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Even if it provides an eye-catching finish in your kitchen, some designers say that you will regret it if you want it as a permanent feature in your home. Instead of having the entire floor covered in terrazzo, you should introduce it in furniture pieces and accessories. For example, a terrazzo coffee table will look gorgeous! If you don’t want a house with an office building look, you should stay away from terrazzo.

4.Backless barstools

Even if they appear to be small and easy to handle, they are not very practical in the kitchen or otherwise. If you are planning to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, then you should get some chairs with a back for support and a swivel so you can easily get in and out of them. The barstools may be cheaper, but they are not very comfy, and when you have dinner, it’s probably better to have comfortable chairs.